Urban Xplorer


Meet the Urban Xplorer

Mix Strength and Featherweight Durability and What You Get is
The Rolls Royce of Street Canes!

At AwareWolf Gear we love innovation. We asked the question, “How can we support our entire community - adults as well as children?” The answer was easy: A super durable and robust adjustable street cane that comes in different sizes.

We know firsthand that it’s a jungle out there!

Car doors, subway platforms, catch basins, cobblestones, sidewalks that are raised up from wintery weather and tree roots– we ALL need a cane that can withstand any environment and won’t tire us out because strength sometimes weighs a little more.

From our experiences with the All Terrain Cane (ATC), we tested many different materials and landed on one that we are super excited about because of its strength, durability and feather light weight. We are sure that the new Urban Xplorer will deliver the confidence, freedom, empowerment and mobility that folks have come to love about the ATC and it is featherlight too!







With our Innovative Design and Uncompromising Durability
The Urban Xplorer delivers the best of all worlds.

Meet the Urban Xplorer

Urban Explorer Mobility Cane by Awarewolf Gear - Small. Shortest length 43
Awarewolf Gear Urban Explorer Mobility Cane folded up.
Urban Explorer Mobility Cane by Awarewolf Gear - Medium. Shortest length 48
Urban Explorer Mobility Cane by Awarewolf Gear - Large. Shortest length 53
Awarewolf Gear Urban Explorer Mobility Cane folded up.

Urban Xplorer Features

Flip Lock

Aerospace Aluminium

Easily Navigate the Urban Jungle
with Our 9" Foam Grip

Aluminium Joints

The Dome Tip
(Redesigned marshmallow tip)

The New AwareWolf Gear Dome Tip is a Game Changer!

Interchangeable Colorful Hook Tips for Your UX

Common Hazards Found In The Urban Jungle

Let the UX shine in some of the most difficult environments

Broken Streets

Uneven Sidewalks

Cobble Stones

Car Doors

Subway Platforms

Sewer Grates