Group photo of The Blind Poet, Dave Steele,  The Blind Life YouTuber Sam Seavey, Blind Skateboarder Justin Bishop, Paralympian Lex Gillette, and Monica Pruitt posing together with the latest Awarewolf Gear Spring 2022 t-shirt collection.

Super Powers

The Awarewolf Gear™ Flagship T

Monica Pruitt

Sam Seavey, The Blind Life

Breaking Barriers At High Altitudes

Paralympian, Lex Gillette

Blind Skateboarder, Justin Bishop

A Tactile Feel

The iconic Awarewolf Gear™ icon featured on most of our designs

is intentionally printed with a high density ink to ensure a tactile feel.

White AwareWolf Gear t-shirt with the AwareWolf icon printed in high density ink for a tactile look and feel.
Awarewolf Gear icon in black


Awarewolf Gear™ is built on a mission to reflect strength and confidence in the sight loss community while promoting our belief of no limitations.

Image of Sedona Dave, Founder of Awarewolf Gear™ hiking on the trails of Sedona, AZ