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All Terrain Cane (ATC)

Embrace every Adventure with Awarewolf Gear’s All-Terrain Cane (ATC). Originally designed for the rugged trails of Sedona, Arizona, this titanium alloy companion conquers diverse terrains – from beach walks to mountain tops– ensuring stability and adaptability. The adjustable 16” handle accommodates the user by allowing for a variety of grips, while the high-performance roller ball tip connects you seamlessly to all surfaces.

Built to be the outdoorsman’s go-to, The All Terrain Cane gives you the strength to explore where other mobility canes wouldn't dream to go while empowering you to be active, safe and in the game.

At Awarewolf Gear we love innovation. We asked the question, “How can we support our entire community - adults as well as children for all conditions?” The answer was easy: A durable and robust adjustable street cane that comes in different sizes.

We took the best of the All Terrain Cane: the adjustable handle, the strength and durability, added a newly designed cane tip we call the Dome, and made it feather light too.  

Whether your adventure takes you through the urban jungle or the actual jungle, this cane delivers!

Be empowered to go anywhere you want to be.

Awarewolf Gear Urban Explorer mobility cane with dome tip. Cane is available in three sizes. Small, Medium, and Large. Foldable cane. Small is 4 sections and Medium and Large are 5 sections.

Interchangeable and Colorful Cane Tips

3 Piece Sets / Slip-on Tips
for All Terrain Cane

Single Piece / Slip-on Tips
for All Terrain Cane

Photo of an individual Awarewolf Gear interchangeable dome tip (hook tip) for the Urban Xplorer mobility cane. Cane tip featured in Desert Blue. Available colors. Desert Blue, Classic Red, Hellow Yellow, Sherbet Pink, and Sedona Orange. Lear more.

Single Piece / Hook Tips
for Urban Xplorer Canes

AWG T-shirt Collection. Designs with a Purpose

The iconic Awarewolf Gear™ icon featured on most of our designs is intentionally printed with a high density ink to ensure a tactile feel

Justin Bishop
Bendy Blind Blonde
Lex Gillette

The Flagship T Collection

The Flagship - Navy Blue

The Flagship - White

The Flagship - Black

The Genesis

The Genesis of Freedom and Empowerment

I have always been an avid adventure seeker. A former pilot, SCUBA instructor, and wildland firefighter, I lived my pre vision-loss days to the max.

When my vision began to noticeably deteriorate, I had to let things go: career, driving, and activities that require whole vision. It became clear to me that there are just some things that I will not let go of. One of those things is hiking. I moved to the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona where hiking daily is my life.

The more my vision deteriorated the harder navigating the rugged terrain of Sedona became. I adapted as best I could, but I needed more.

Being who I am- an inventor and problem solver at heart, I embraced the task and got to work in my workshop. I purchased a wide variety of traditional hiking poles, took them apart and re-engineered them.

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