All Terrain Cane

Originally designed for the back country trails of Sedona, Arizona, the All-Terrain Cane (ATC) excels everywhere life takes you. Whether you’re taking a stroll down the block, at the beach, on snowy sidewalks, your grandchild’s playground, or on the trails, the ATC gives you the power to explore where other mobility canes wouldn't dream to go. High-strength design and innovation with lightweight super-strong titanium alloy, the ATC supports you as you walk or hike, giving you the support and stability of a reinforced mobility cane: terrain, obstacles, navigation and more... The 16” grip handle is designed and built for both golf and ski pole grips, with room to choke up/down when climbing. The high performance roller ball tip connects you to all terrains and surfaces. The ATC features traditional white and red reflective materials as users are accustomed to.

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All Terrain Cane Specifications:

One size fits most adjustable cane

Shortest length

(fully retracted): 51" inches / 130 CM


Tallest length

(fully extended): 61" inches / 155 cm


Cane Folded

21" inches (length)


Cane Weight with Roller Ball
14.8 oz / 418 grams


Number of Sections

Three section folding cane with adjustable grip/handle, plus interchangeable cane tip.


Cane Construction

Titanium Alloy


Roller Ball Tip Included


*All measurements include roller ball tip

attached to the cane

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Simple tips while using your All Terrain Cane

Deploying your ATC

Using various grips

Folding your ATC

Repairing your bungee cord

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Penn Street from Aftersight interviews David Epstein, inventor of the All-Terrain Cane. His passion for helping people with low vision in the quest for the great outdoors is truly contagious. 

Chris Skidmore from the popular Tech Tips podcast takes a deep dive with our very own Sedona Dave, inventor of the new All Terrain Cane (ATC).

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