Desert Blue Dome Tip, Single Piece

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Expected release date is 25th Jun 2024




Shipping late June 2024


Say Goodbye to Limitation and Hello to Innovation!

Our redesigned Marshmallow tip is a game-changer. We've cracked the code to cane jab, introducing a larger radius curve that redefines mobility cane perfection.

Inspired by the design of the upcurved tip of a ski, the Dome Tip is the best of the roller ball and the marshmallow combined. It's not just an upgrade; it's a trailblazer! Elevate your caning experience by experiencing the future of mobility.

Add some flavor to your Awarewolf Gear Urban Explorer Cane with our interchangeable single piece dome tips. Interchangeable universal hook tip designed for the Awarewolf Gear Urban Explorer Cane. Compatible with other mobility canes.